Entrepreneurship Development Program

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Welcome to Sketched on a Napkin (SON), an I M (www.IMpossiblemall.com) company dedicated to transforming lives through education, experiences, and exposure.


SON’s mission is to inspire and develop creativity and innovation across disciplines through programs, courses, and workshops. The relationship between creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship inspired SON to create a professional development program specifically for entrepreneurs which is our Entrepreneurship Development Program (EDP).

SON-EPD develops entrepreneurs with a “cooperative competition (aka coopetition) business mindset. Coopetition is unconventional collaboration and cooperation typically between competitors. MYBY model is based on a framework of business development and value creation through “sharing and collaborating” along a competitive trajectory. Participants gain an understanding of the social, intellectual and economic benefits of achieving and maintaining a thriving, diverse, business community and network.

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We encourage participants to begin their business development during their enrollment in the program.

About our EDP

Sketched on a Napkin’s Entrepreneurship Development Program (SON-EDP) teaches individuals how to detect opportunities, generate ideas to exploit those opportunities, transform those ideas into a business model, and launch a business. SON-EDP’s objective is to improve individuals’ creative and innovative skills. All these skills are transferable and can be utilized in non-entrepreneurial disciplines.


Emerging entrepreneurs must be able to rapidly transform ideas into viable marketable solutions. SON-EDP participants begin with learning about entrepreneurship, idea generation and analysis, developing the idea, transforming the idea into a marketable item, launching a business to bring the item to market, and how to grow the business.

Our EDP utilizes content and material from reputable resources including successful entrepreneurs, prominent business schools, and other periodicals. Our EDP is comprised of instructor-led classroom sessions, e-learning, experiential learning, projects, readings, assignments and exercises.

Team building is part of the experience. Participants take part in team exercises to learn the value of collaboration, cooperation, and leveraging resources (“sharing”).


  • One of the best and affordable entrepreneurial programs.
  • Taught by a professional who is an experienced serial & parallel entrepreneur, corporate consultant, college instructor, and entrepreneur coach. (Instructor)
  • Provides an ongoing support system and network of people, services, resources, and events to expand your knowledge, develop relationships, and build your business.
  • Develops entrepreneurs with a “cooperative competition” (aka coopetition) business mindset as a means for value creation.
  • Surrounded by like-minded individuals.
  • See your idea come to life.
  • Learn the fundamentals of launching your website.
  • Gain the knowledge on incorporating your business.
  • Be featured in I M’s digital magazine, On the Verge (otv.impossiblemall.com) which has national and international readership, to promote you and your new business.
  • Receive ongoing multilevel support as a member of I M and SON networks.
  • Become an I M Gold Seal Partner which provides another channel to sell your products/services.
  • Be part of a team and build your network.
  • Receive discounts on products and services offered by I M businesses & brands.
  • Attend entrepreneurial events given by I M companies such as
  • Immediately accrue points in the I M My Reward program

Our Powerful Network Makes Us Better

When a company or individual engages one of our brands they gain can access to the entire I M network of services. An individual enrolling in SON-EDP gains access to productivity training, leadership development, life management, internship programs, employee recruitment, business development and technology consulting, and other services.

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