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Sketched on a Napkin Entrepreneur Network (SON-EN). SON-EN is fee-based member organization for those who are serious and committed to entrepreneurship. Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely journey. You may interact with employees and customers but managing the business can be a solo and at times lonely activity. Family and friends may not share your passion or stress. A viable solution is to surround yourself with people who understand your journey and are willing to share their knowledge, experience and encourage. SON-EN provides those resources.

Benefits of joining SON-EN

  • Meet and learn from other entrepreneurs including experience business owners
  • Learn how to refine your ideas
  • Build a business in a team setting
  • Build your confidence to take the leap (Those considering entrepreneurship)
  • Access to entrepreneurship resources
  • Develop your communication and pitch skills
  • Learn what it takes to have a web-presence
  • Learn how to incorporate your business
  • Create your business network
  • Generate leads
  • Attend monthly business sessions covering pertinent entrepreneurship/business topics
  • Special discounts opportunities
    • Discount on tuition for the Entrepreneurship Development Program
    • Discount on Executive Education to grow on a professional and personal level (business and technology)
    • Discounts on consulting and coaching services
    • Discounts on fee-based events (Opportunity Network Exchange; Power Brunches, Wine Tastings, etc.)
    • Discounts on books (Automatic enrollment in Achievers Book Club)
    • Discounts on other business related items
  • Receive invitations to member only events
  • Gain access to the I M Network
  • Automatically enrolled in our I M My Reward Loyalty Program
  • Have your business featured in On the Verge magazine dedicated to personal, professional, business development

SON-EN can positively impact both your entrepreneurial journey and your life.

Join now to take advantage of the introductory membership package until 2/28/2019:

  • Discounted monthly membership fee of $49.00 ($100 per month saving)
  • Receive your first set of 4 entrepreneurship books (Retail value of over $100)
  • Receive your “I M an Entrepreneur” mug (Retail value $15.00)
  • Receive free promotional products and discounts from other I M businesses and partners
  • Receive an invitation to the next SON-EN event, All About the Notes - Workshop & Wine Tasting event
  • Membership requirements waved

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